Legal Opinion written document in which an attorney provides his or her understanding of the law as applied to assumed facts. Attorneys often give legal opinions on matters such as title to real property, corporate transactions, intellectual property, banking, M&A, complicated litigation issues among others

Legal Advice is the guidance given by lawyers to their clients. The term “guidance” is important to this definition. It points to the key difference between a legal opinion and legal advice—i.e., that a legal opinion is an attorney’s analysis based on past or present facts, while legal advice is an attorney’s counsel and guidance as to what future actions the client should take.

Knowing the difference between these terms can help significantly when you meet with an attorney. Being aware of the difference between a legal opinion and legal advice can save time and money and help you get the best legal services possible.


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Jonas & Associates Law Chambers is a medium sized law chamber having its head offices on Plot no 568 Block 42 Mindu Street-Upanga Area wihin Dar es salaam and Morogoro respectively. Jonas & Associates Law Chambers is registered with registration numbers 238337.The Firm was established in March.....


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